As a Woman-owned and Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business headquartered in Winter Garden Florida, Creative Veteran Productions offers a wide variety of Serious Gaming, Virtual Constructivism (VC) and Instructional Systems Design (ISD) services to public, private and US Government organizations by designing, developing and delivering state of the art virtual training solutions that engage and educate adult learners. Our core philosophy is that all training should be intentional, purposeful, and center on learning so that users actually LEARN from the products we create and deliver.

Our team of highly qualified professionals have solid and tested experience in the areas of software development, media production, 3D modeling, web and graphic design, cradle-to-grave implementation of 2D/3D online immersive training environments, and full-scale Ph.D.-level Instructional Systems Design.


Despite our small business status, we offer robust, professional and customized cutting-edge solutions for training simulations, web development, 3D modeling, graphics design, media production and Instructional Systems Design. Our core capabilities allow us to democratize 3D Serious Gaming by streamlining development efficiencies without decreasing performance quality, which provides more cost-effective VC programs for our customers.

We typically design our 2D/3D delivery platforms for synchronous and asynchronous Live Virtual Constructivism (LVC) via Web-based simulation (WBS), which allows utilization without the need of target hardware or locally installed emulation software, but the platforms are flexible enough to meet a wide-range of training requirements. Having developed our platforms internally, especially for our government customers, they are accessible from behind high-security firewalls and on lower bandwidth systems in order to provide more significant, distributive reach without reducing gaming fidelity.

As a part of our autogenous “Design, Develop and Deliver” process for Virtual Learning Solutions, we offer both turnkey and customized Learning Management Systems (LMS) to meet the administration, documentation, tracking and reporting needs of our customers’ VC training programs. In addition to our ground-up LMS capabilities, we have also designed and developed a Gaming Management System (GMS) that offers the ability to customize and moderate the ISD functions of 3D Serious Games.


In an industry wherein advent technology continually moves the threshold between cutting-edge and outdatedness, Creative Veteran Productions prides itself in sustaining a highly flexible approach to maintaining relevancy in the ever changing virtualization market while also maintaining cost effective accessibility to a full-spectrum of customers.

Part of our cost effective solution for 3D Serious Gaming lies in our Reconfigurable Immersive Character (RIC) program that offers a scalable and customizable avatar creator, which provides our customers with the means the to customize their avatars with a high degree of modular flexibility, extreme optimization, and multi-platform targeting. Our “RIC kit” allows for sustainable growth within a system without overwhelming users and providing cleaner and more user-friendly experiences when it comes to avatar customization.

Another aspect of our evolutionary process, as a company, was the intentional ground-up design and development of our 2D/3D platforms to offer wide-range scalability and flexibility via web deployment while maintaining the highest degree of accessibility from behind government system firewalls in terms of security and connectivity. Our goal with this approach is to provide our customers with the absolute best Serious Gaming experience while maintaining low-impact to their network systems.

In looking at the future of the Serious Gaming industry, we developed a proprietary Gaming Management System (GMS) for controlling and re-purposing previously created content and worlds, standardizing and scaling training, capturing individual/collective metrics for analysis, and centrally managing Common Gaming Elements (CGE) on all system games. Our GMS allows customization without burdening our customers with full-scale development costs and having to “reinvent the wheel” when they want to create a new game, or need to scale an existing game they have already paid to develop. By centralizing the administrative moderating features, and re-purposing CGEs, we significantly reduce the cost of creating new Serious Games while simultaneously expediting the entire development process with efficiency-oriented processes. Our GMS platforms is what sets us apart in the Serious Gaming industry because it allows our customers the ability to grow with their respective 3D training and education programs by removing the high-end customization costs that generally cause training programs to become irrelevant and outdated.


Our current customers consist of U.S. Government agencies and corporate entities. Specifically, we design, develop and deliver the Virtual Disaster Management and Emergency Preparedness (vDEMPs) training platform for Department of Veteran Affairs personnel (OCT 2012 to Present – $9,009,087.20). In the private sector, we provide customized, interactive animation services for The Walt Disney Company and moderate our Reconfigurable Immersive Character Kit (RIC) for the Project Management Institute (PMI).

One reason we have been so successful with our customers is because we genuinely care about their organizations and we place a significant amount of value on our reputation as a second-to-none Serious Gaming company. As such, we maintain a difficult-to-achieve 99.9% High Availability (HA) standard for our systems, which is responsible for the attainment of over 412,534 Continuing Education Units (CUE) for over 153,780 user deployments over 570,247 hours of streaming.

We continue to be on the leading edge in our industry because we push ourselves to understand technology, in its everyday use, and how to apply that understanding to services that add value to the operations of the customers we support.


DUNS #: 800117488


EIN: 331164461

NAICS: 512110, 512191, 532490, 541430, 541511, 541512, 541519, 541613, 541810, 541930, 561920, 611430, 611710, 711510