DAARC – IMSH 2017 Best in Show

The Department of Veterans Affairs Simulation Learning, Education and Research Network (SimLEARN)  tasked Creative Veteran Productions (CVP) with developing a set of virtual and experiential learning games products for VA medical staff. These games and scenarios allowed for varying degrees of challenge complexity, integration of new content, and changeable learning objectives to offer a more holistic, dynamic and immersive experience for the users.

IMSH 2017 – Best in Show

The International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) is the world’s largest conference dedicated to healthcare simulation learning, research and scholarship, offering 250 sessions in various formats, from large plenary sessions to small, interactive immersive courses.

During the 2017 IMSH conference, the Department of Veteran Affairs Veterans Health Administration Innovation submitted DAARC (Airway Management) in the Serious Games and Virtual Environments Arcade & Showcase.  We are very proud to announce that our DAARC game won best in show under the Large Company category… beating out large companies with remarkable games in the competition. This was a significant achievement because CVP is a small business and this award not only solidifies our ability to compete against companies with very large resource pools, but outperform them  at a world renowned conference.

daarc_quarter_page_ad5Difficult Airway Algorithm and Rescue Cricothyrotomy(DAARC): The DAARC game was by far the most complex game developed under the SimLEARN effort. It comprised over one thousand (1,000) pages of storyboards, with over one thousand two hundred and seventy-five (1,275) logic points, and over one hundred and fifty (150) visualizations developed as part of the GDD. This game was based on the implementation of the Vortex Algorithm for managing difficult airways, and showed in detail the performance of a scalpel-bogie Cricothyrotomy. It included twelve (12) different cases of varying conditions and difficulty. The DAARC game detailed procedures and temporal decision-making skills in the context of Difficult Airway, Can’t Intubate and Can’t Ventilate (CICV) scenarios. These scenarios provide learners with visual cues, audible cues and Non-Player Characters (NPCs) interaction to emulate the stressful and emotional situations associated with difficult airway management. It included a group of NPCs in the room which the player must direct as required in order to aid her in the management of the airway.

vr-imageAs a means to add more realism to DAARC, CVP incorporated a Virtual Reality suite to help users feel immersed in the training program. By doing this, DAARC not only offers a higher degree of realism, but is also offers a “hands-on” approach for training medical personnel. In looking at the future of immersive 3D experiential training, CVP continues to pave the way for what it possible and achievable, while also democratizing 3D for even the most modest of training budgets.

Additional SimLEARN Gaming Products

calm_quarter_page_adUnder the SimLEARN contract, in addition to DAARC, CVP Designed, Developed and Delivered numerous gaming products. One of the games, Charge Nurse, focused on helping Charge Nurses resolve various case study events/scenarios they encounter on a daily basis (e.g. managerial topics, floor safety, patient care support, staffing assignments and medication management). Incorporating experiences and best practices from Subject Matter Experts across VHA, this game teaches learners how to maintain patient and staff safety while also managing the flow of the unit. Charge Nurse is a first-person player game with a variety of non-player characters and debriefing videos to bolster and enhance the user’s learning experience.

medsurge_quarter_page_adAnother game, MedSurg, focused on helping MedSurg Nurses with assessing and caring for patients over the course of a simulated 12-hour shift. This game helps Medical Surgical Nurses quickly identify conditions of a deteriorating patient in a MedSurg unit. CVP developed the scenarios in this game based on authentic conditions, procedures, and decisions of practicing Medical Surgical Nurse SMEs across VHA. CVP’s ISD team worked with the VA SMEs to create the scenarios, and ideate around Gameplay and Gameplay mechanics. This game included eight (8) multi-event scenarios that would happen during a MedSurg shift.

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