Applied Virtual Reality

On November 28th, CVP demoed what we call Applied VR at the I/ITSEC conference in Orlando, FL. Our demo showcased the potential Virtual Reality can have when applied to immersive training. However, we think Virtual Reality is only half the story, we believe that Augmented Reality or better yet, Mixed Reality, has just as much of an important role to play in the future of immersive training.

Today, we received our #HoloLens Development Kit from Microsoft and are very excited to start exploring the edges of what is possible in Mixed Reality. How can Mixed Reality be applied to Serious Gaming for the purposes of creating meaningful immersive learning experiences?

Over the past few years the ever-growing Virtual Reality community has focused on immersing you into a Virtual World. We believe it is time to take the immersive learning story further by also making your physical environment the canvas for your immersive training. That’s the promise of Mixed Reality… your world, augmented. In keeping with our core philosophy to Entertain – Engage – Educate, and in looking at the future of “Mixed Reality at World Scale”, we think the time is now for immersive Mixed Reality training.

Virtual and Mixed Reality allows us to remove the boundaries between the physical and virtual worlds. They allow us the freedom to create applied immersive learning experiences that immerse and engage the learner, in a way that can drive training retention and accelerate learning.

Click here to read more about the differences between virtual, augmented and mixed reality

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