The Genesis and Future of 3D Serious Gaming

In order to get the most out of your company’s training budget, it is important to understand the starting point and evolution of 3D Serious Gaming from where it started, to where it is today, and where the future might take us.

clipart_imagesAs training and education began progressing into the digital realm, we first saw “gameful design” come onto the scene as a way to break up the monotony of the otherwise flat-delivery of information. Two-dimensional (2D) clip art, cartoons and rudimentary animations made the delivery of dry material more palatable, but it lacked any form of interaction by the learner. While it did change the way we approached training, it was simply a more creative and fun way to package and deliver passive learning materials.

In the evolutionary process, “gamification” began to set the stage for active participation in a virtual environment. This new style of training started to engage learners with fun and interactive features to help them better focus on the tedious material that was being presented. These “Gaming Elements” consisted of point-based and badging systems that allowed progression during a training session and even offered a hierarchy of merit for those that outperformed their peers (leaderboards). The gamification of training provided unofficial competition between employees and began to place greater emphasis on skills gamificationperformance and achievement during a training session. Badging and leaderboards gave visual representations of skills accomplishment and knowledge gained. Eventually, simple gamification of training content evolved into Serious Gaming, and the training and education industry began to completely change the way we viewed computer-based learning. As technology has become less expensive and more accessible, we have finally entered into the world of 3D Serious Gaming and Virtual Reality wherein learning is only limited by the imagination of what is possible.

With the future of 3D Serious Gaming upon us, and with so many options available, what sets one platform apart from another? For some, it lies within the realistic graphic design. For others, it is the “wow factor”. For Creative Veteran Productions (CVP), it comes down to packaging all of the above and applying the three basic principle of our core philosophy: Entertain. Engage. Educate. Having seen the early stages of computer-based training and having eagerly participated in its transformation into the world of 3D Serious Gaming and Virtual Reality, CVP has consistently maintained its focus on designing, developing and delivering training products that Entertain and Engage learners in order to Educate them on the topics and skills they need to acquire. We focus on both the Instructional System Design elements and the kinesthetic learning aspect in order to provide a powerful platform that delivers active and innovative ways to conduct training. At CVP, we not only believe in the possibilities of what training can become, we bring those possibilities to life and turn them into a Virtual Reality.

Experience the future of Serious Gaming today!


“Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand.”                                           

– Confucius, circa 450 BC

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