Is Your Business Ready for the Future?

The next generation of Americans are beginning to reshape the face of the workplace as we know it, and businesses that want to remain on the leading edge of success need to understand how to not only integrate this population into their work environment, but also how to train them to perform functions that ensure growth and success in their respective industries. Richard Fry, a senior researcher at the Pew Research Center and an expert on school and college enrollment in the US, states that by 2020, the rising generation will comprise 50% of the work force (2015). In this regard, businesses must adapt their training strategies to support a generation with an affinity towards the digital world. This rising generation has ambitious career aspirations and want to bring their knowledge of new technologies into a 21st century workplace. In fact, this is the first time in history wherein young adults are entering the labor market with a far better grasp of key business tools than the senior managers who will be hiring them into entry-level positions.

Having grown up with global connection to the world around them through smartphones, tablets, laptops and social media, Virtual Training is becoming the new industry standard for how businesses deliver training to their younger employees. Whether by interactive 2D webinars or kinesthetic Virtual Reality 3D Serious Games, businesses are starting to understand that the future of yesterday is here upon us. For some, they fear the unknown, and a great deal of employers and senior management professionals believe they are at a disadvantage because they fear the price tag for revamping their training programs to accommodate this next generation of worker will be costly, time-intensive and negatively impact productivity. Because training is an investment in the future of a given business, decision-makers need to be able to tie a return on investment to the money they spend to train their employees.

The good news is that advent processes are democratizing the technology needed to modernize their respective training programs. By reconditioning existing technology to make it more efficient and flexible, the process of bringing their legacy training programs into the 21st century becomes more cost effective than originally anticipated, which allows them to scale their training as their companies grows.

Creative Veteran Productions understands this requirement for the rising generation, which is why we design, develop, and deliver scalable Virtual Training to meet the most basic to most advanced needs of a company while ensuring the process remains cost effective as a company expands its training program.

Experience the future of Serious Gaming today!

Fry, Richard (2015, May 11). Millennials Surpass Gen Xers as the Largest Generation in U.S. Labor Force.

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